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My first full-length novel, Kismet, was published by Argyll Productions in January 2017. Here’s the back cover blurb:

The River: a hodgepodge of arcologies and platforms in a band around Ceres full of dreamers, utopians, corporatists—and transformed humans, from those with simple biomods to the exotic alien xenos and the totemics, remade with animal aspects. Gail Simmons, an itinerant salvor living aboard her ship Kismet, has docked everywhere totemics like her are welcome…and a few places they’re not.

But when she’s accused of stealing a databox from a mysterious wreck, Gail lands in the crosshairs of corporations, governments and anti-totemic terrorists. Finding the real thieves is the easy part. To get her life back, Gail will have to confront a past she’s desperate not to face—and what’s at stake may be more than just her future.

Kismet takes place about ten years after the short story “Tow” and shares the same protagonist. While I aimed for a hard science fiction feel, it’s a character-driven story about identity, transhumanism and what defines home. It came out of the CSSF Novel Writers Workshop, a residential workshop at the University of Kansas led by Kij Johnson, so it has a pretty good pedigree. I could tell you that if you like Kim Stanley Robinson’s work or Jennifer Foehner Wells’ Fluency, you’ll probably like Kismet. I could also tell you that its high concept is “The Expanse meets Zootopia,” which is not entirely wrong.

You can get previews of the ebook from most of those links, but you can also get a four-chapter preview PDF on my “buy my books” page.

The fantastic cover art and design is by Teagan Gavet. (The featured art here is a clip from the book’s alternate cover.)