Coyote Tracks

if you are drinking to forget, please pay in advance

Hi! I’m Watts Martin (sometimes “Chipotle”), and Coyote Tracks is my sporadically-updated web site.


I’m a science fiction/fantasy author and a technical writer. A few years ago I was known for being a technical blogger on Tumblr; I don’t write nearly as often now, but you can find articles from the last few years here. While I left Twitter a while ago, I’ve been “microblogging” with a hodgepodge of Twitter-like status updates, the occasional photo, and sometimes actual articles.

My fiction

Some highlights:

Here on Coyote Tracks, you can read a collection of short stories, mostly from various anthology appearances over the years. (You can find links to the actual anthologies, if they’re still available, on the works for sale page.)

My technical writing

I’ve worked in the past for RethinkDB, Realm, and Cisco Systems, among other companies. From 2018 through 2023, I was at Samsung’s Bixby Labs, part of Samsung Research America. (Bixby is that voice assistant that’s actually better than you’re giving it credit for.) As of this writing, I’m taking a break—but if you know of an interesting gig, please drop me a line!

For more of my professional side, you can read my work history, including a link to my résumé.

Social media, such as it is