Coyote Tracks

Hi. I’m Watts Martin, and this is my occasionally-updated web site!

I’m a science fiction and fantasy author and a technical writer. I’ve been a technical blogger, too, on a previous incarnation of Coyote Tracks hosted at Tumblr and, occasionally, on Medium. I write here occasionally—about fiction, tech, or anything else—on my Journal.

I’m currently available for consulting work as a technical writer, as well as available to critique or edit your manuscript. Check out Consulting & Editing for the details.

My fiction

My first novel, Kismet, was published in January 2017. My fantasy novella Indigo Rain won the 2013 Cóyotl Award, and another novella set in the same world, Going Concerns, was nominated for the Cóyotl.

My other work

About the site

Coyote Tracks is the name of a tech blog I wrote for years, hosted on Tumblr; I’m combining it with a writing blog-slash-journal here.

Coyote Tracks uses an increasingly customized version of the Independent Publisher WordPress theme, using the Equity and Concourse typefaces from Matthew Butterick.