Most of my stories are genre pieces—often fantasy, but very rarely “high fantasy” in the way of Lord of the Rings. Many seem to be other kinds of tales—mysteries, suspense thrillers, occasionally romances—in fantastic settings. I also have a lot of talking animals. Usually, animal-people. (As a friendly acquaintance describes himself: Furry, but not like you’ve heard about what that means.)

The following work is available for free online, but that’s not all of my available work! Visit the For Sale page for more, including the science fiction novel Kismet, my short story collection Why Coyotes Howl, and the award-winning novella Indigo Rain.

  • Trade All the Stars” is a science fiction short. A young wolf totemic returns home to settle her adopted mother’s affairs after a violent tragedy, and faces an unexpected dilemma—and choice—with her little sister. Set in the same world as “Tow” and the novel Kismet.
  • Tow” is a science fiction short story about a totemic woman, a human transformed to have animal aspects, who’s just started a space salvage business. An attempt to buy used equipment brings her into unexpected conflict with an anti-totemic group—one connected to her past.
  • A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood” is a novella set in Ranea, originally published in 1991 and revised in 2013. This tale of a struggling artist who finds himself caught between the high society world of his girlfriend and the wildness of a vampire bat he becomes friends with is a little dark and gothic, but mostly romantic. Once upon a time it was very influential in its little fandom.
  • Kitsune and Coyote” is a non-fiction piece about (surprise) kitsune, foxes in Japanese folklore, and their parallels to Coyote trickster stories.