A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood

A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood first ran in YARF! in 1990. I released the stories as plain text files in July 1991, slightly revised and given an unnecessarily pompous preface. Sometime after that, Garth “Foxen” Minette HTML-ized the files and created the Belfry Story Archives.

A couple years after that, the story was revised again for its appearance in a (non-furry!) vampire APA. In 2010 or so—a remarkable twenty years after its first publication—I started a project to rewrite both “Gift” and its sequel as one more coherent piece, but for various reasons shelved that again. As it turns out, Garth’s HTML conversion actually saved the story’s digital format; I don’t have the original versions anymore, including the vampire APA revision. This version, thus, started with Garth’s, but the first chapter is entirely the one from the new 2010 version, and there are smaller changes throughout the rest of the text.